Build better buyer personas

Buyer personas

Buyer personas, or profiles of your target audience, play a critical role in understanding and reaching the right markets for your business. Built from extensive research and experience, my buyer personas are both insightful and actionable. You gain a deep awareness of your users, and a clear roadmap to communicating and connecting with them more productively. 

Create a complete content strategy

Content marketing

End-to-end content marketing begins with buyer personas and results in an organized, effective approach to creating, publishing, promoting, maintaining, and evolving content in your organization. I cover each step of this process, including:

  • Project agenda and objectives doc
  • Buyer personas  
  • User flows and scenarios               
  • Content audits and inventories
  • Content assessment
  • Gap analyses
  • Competitive analyses
  • Content maps, plans, and matrices
  • Core messaging documentation
  • Style guide
  • Content templates and page tables
  • Content flow schematics
  • Copy decks
  • Editorial calendars
  • Workflows, policies, and governance models
  • Benchmarks, KPIs, and success metrics

Message more effectively

Messaging strategy

What's the best way to illuminate the value of your product, service, or vision? I start with your information and objectives, factor in buyer personas, competitive landscape, and industry analysis, and return with a precise messaging strategy to guide your go-to-market plan. On the web, at events, in person - a strong messaging platform ensures clear, consistent communication from every voice in your organization.

Develop your brand voice

Brand development

Your brand is one of your most important assets. Keep it on point and up to date with my brand development services, including:

  • Defining and elucidating your brand identity 
  • Writing and iterating vision and mission statements
  • Building positioning statements and value props
  • Creating taglines and other supporting creative
  • Translating your brand to your web content and presence


Style guides

The style guide is the arbiter of your brand, the official document that defines its characteristics and explains how to put them into use. But it's also frequently ignored, resulting in conflicting voice, tone, and perception across your content spectrum.

Change that paradigm with a useful, usable style guide that your team will embrace. I take the essence of your brand and distill it into meaningful guidelines for every user, from agencies to the art department, Pinterest to PR. 

When I think of Alena, three traits come to mind - flexibility, advocacy, and clear-headedness. Alena is someone who looks for gaps, and then fills them, asking the questions that break though the groupthink and actually mean something.
— Erin Young, Principal and User Experience Architect at Slide UX